Apricot Wildcat

India Pale Ale

Tasting Notes

Apricot Wildcat is brewed as a balanced, drinkable offering. A more English, style IPA, Wildcat doesn't have the pronounced, aggressive bitterness that defines many of today’s IPAs. A complex mix of five different malts cut down bitterness, and allow hop flavor and aroma to shine through. Along with the sweet, caramel, and bready qualities of the malts, Wildcat has light notes of citrus, and spice, along with general hoppiness. The addition of a short aging on apricot puree, makes Apricot Wildcat even more approachable further cutting down bitterness and adding a smooth fruity element to the beer.


Ingredients: Fauquier County Well Water, 2-Row Brewer’s Malt, 2-Row Carapils Malt, Bonlander Munich Malt, Special Roast Malt, 2-Row Caramel 40L Malt, Magnum Hops, Cascade Hops, Liberty Hops, Saaz Hops, Apricots, Ale Yeast


OG - 14.5 °P
FG - 3.1 °P
ABV - 6.2%
IBU 48
SRM 11

On Tap
Sixth Barrel
Half Barrel