Julie Broaddus

Julie Broaddus, Owner-Operator

It's impossible to summarize everything Julie does for the company, but we'll do our best! Chances are, if it has to do with the beer, brand, or taproom, Julie has had her hand in it. Originally from San Jose, California, Julie has spent the last 35 years calling Virginia home. When she's not helping to create delicious and funky beers, you'll find her enjoying time outside in nature, working in the barnyard with her goats, chickens, rabbits, and ducks, completing a New York Times crossword, playing a game of bridge or attempting Chopin nocturnes on the piano. Her favorite OBH memory? Setting up our first Holiday Market!

Mike Sutherland

Mike Sutherland , Brewmaster

With 7 years of experience working in the beer industry, we're lucky to call Mike our Brewmaster! In college, Mike took course in beer and wine making and knew his future career would be in a brewhouse instead of a cubicle. His favorite part of the job is being able to develop raw materials into a finished product and, even on the hardest days, being able to walk away having made a brew he's proud of. His favorite beer is an easy-drinking style he can kick back and pour a few of. When he's not brewing beer you can find Mike playing music, hiking, hunting or spending time with his son.  

Robin Mason
Sales Director
Scotty Knox
Sales Rep

Scotty Knox, Sales Rep

Scotty started his journey in the beer industry 7 years ago as a delivery driver—you could still say Scotty delivers beer, but now it's to store shelves as an OBH sales rep! Scotty's favorite part about working in craft beer is talking shop with other people in the industry and learning about all the different beers in the market. If he had to choose one beer style to drink for the rest of his life it would be a Pilsner, since it fits with his lifestyle of camping in his 5th wheel camper and going to games. At the top of his bucket list is a trip to Tallahasse, FL to see a Seminoles game in-person. Scotty's favorite OBH Beer? Vixen Irish Red!


McKenzie Stockmeier
Sales Rep - Southern Virginia

McKenzie Stockmeier , Sales Rep - Southern Virginia

McKenzie embarked on her career in craft beers and craft cocktails over 5 years ago. With a solid background of over 3 years in marketing and sales, the thought occurred to her: "Why not combine my love and experience for both industries?" As a native of Hampton Roads, McKenzie is thrilled to elevate the OBH brand to new heights in this thriving market. When she's not immersed in work, you can spot McKenzie enjoying the serenity of the nearest body of water, cheering on Indiana University football games (Go Hoosiers!), or attempting to keep up with her two pups on hikes.

Mark Mannix
Supply Chain Manger, Beertender, Team Lead

Mark Mannix, Supply Chain Manger, Beertender, Team Lead

Mark, a seasoned member of the OBH team, plays a pivotal role as a beer tender and is an integral part of the Old Bust Head weekend crew. With a passion for brewing evident through his active home-brewing endeavors and his certification as a Cicerone Certified Beer Server, Mark is equipped to engage customers with in-depth beer discussions. Beyond his front-facing role, Mark efficiently manages taproom beer inventory and the supply chain, while also representing the taproom in all beer-related decisions, including selecting styles to feature on tap. Whether you're craving a gose, an Italian lager, or seeking out your favorite New Zealand hop, Mark is the go-to person behind the bar who can bring your beer preferences to fruition.

Email Mark at mark@oldbusthead.com

Erica Davidson
Quality Assurance Manager

Erica Davidson , Quality Assurance Manager

Erica's job may be behind the scenes but, while her work begins in the lab, it ends with the beer in your hand and ensures that each glass maintains the consistent quality you've come to expect. A big fan of the outdoors, Erica has biked the C&O Towpath twice (184.5 miles between Georgetown and Cumberland, MD) and enjoys other nature-inspired activities like camping, especially when accompanied by her pup Ellie. Her favorite OBH beer? Graffit House West Coast IPA & Water Dog IPA! 


Ben McLauchlin
Carol Goode

Carol Goode, Accounting

Carol would like you to know accountants can be funny too! Having been here from the very beginning, she remembers our very sophisticated accounting system back in the day when we served our beer out of the production warehouse. It involved bags of raffle tickets and let's just say she's happy we've moved on to more traditional methods of keeping track of our inventory! Although she was born in Turkey, Carol has been a longtime resident of Virginia. When she's not at work, making home improvements indoors and out, cooking and catching up on anything PBS Masterpiece—her favorites include The Durrells in Corfu, Unforgotten, and All Creatures Great & Small. Carol's favorite OBH beer? Vixen Irish Red. 

Sara Brooks
Dan Barrett
Special Projects

Dan Barrett, Special Projects

From designing new merch for the taproom, booking our live music, accounts payable, responding to customer questions, (his most common question: Is Old Bust Head dog friendly? Answer: Heck yeah!)—Dan wears a lot of hats here at Old Bust Head. No matter the task, Dan brings a fresh perspective and his favorite part about his job is seeing the payoff when customers are enjoying great beer and each others company. When not at work, you can find Dan enjoying his time off playing music, spending time with his wife or supporting his favorite sports team the Washington Capitals. "C-A-P-S caps caps caps!"   

Cara O'Neal
Marketing and Events Manager

Cara O'Neal, Marketing and Events Manager

Photographer, graphic designer, social media guru, customer inquiry response specialist, events manager, what more could you ask for?  Starting as a beertender and now working in the back office, Cara loves that her job looks a little different every day and stokes her creative fire.  When she’s not having a glass of her favorite OBH beer, which includes any of our Sour Ales, she’s off exploring new levels of spiciness from her growing collection of hot sauces.

Alexis Kuiper
Taproom Manager

Alexis Kuiper, Taproom Manager

Originally hailing from the mid-west (specifically, South Dakota) Alexis is one of the sweetest members of our taproom team! As a big craft beer fan, Alexis is a perfect fit for the team and a great person to ask when you need a recommendation—when she's not on the clock you can find her drinking her favorite OBH IPA or Imperial Sour or exploring other Virginia craft breweries. Some of Alexis' other hobbies include hiking, paddle boarding, painting and off-roading—say hi if you see her behind the bar!

Katie Cajayon
Venue Manager

Katie Cajayon, Venue Manager

Want to host a private event at OBH? Talk to Katie! Katie is not only one of the friendliest people we've ever met, but she also knows all the ins and outs of our rental spaces here at the taproom. Although she just joined our team in 2022, Katie grew up living right here in Vint Hill, so you could still say she's an OG! Katie's favorite things are her family, charcuterie boards, and trips to the nearest body of water. We're big fans and we're sure you will be too. 

Email Katie at katie@oldbusthead.com

Kirk Heydt
Beertender & Chalk Artist

Kirk Heydt, Beertender & Chalk Artist

If you happen to catch lights still on at OBH at 1am, chances are it's Kirk Heydt, busy creating new chalk art to greet customers as they arrive—although his modest demeanor likely keeps many unaware of this hidden talent. With a background in home brewing alongside his family-in-law, Kirk's beer expertise is a blend of both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Having spent considerable time beer tending at OBH and completing a two-year BJCP training program in-house, Kirk's wealth of experience, coupled with his kindness, humility, and artistic skill, has endeared him to the hearts of OBH's patrons.


Kevin Predmore
Office Admin

Kevin Predmore, Office Admin

KEVIN PREDMORE’s deadpan humor is not lost on OBH regulars.  But don’t let the kilt, pirate, or St. Patrick costume throw you off. In addition to completing the 2 year BJCP training at OBH, Kevin is a Cicerone Certified Beer Server, and gives a straight answer when it comes to anything beer-related.  #1 in devotion, Kevin has made the brewery his home since nearly OBH-day-one, and can always be found there—whether on or off the clock—making the customer experience and the OBH team as good as it can be. 


Steve Herholtz
Brand Ambassador Program Supervisor
Mark Libby
Equipment Tech

Mark Libby, Equipment Tech

Mark is responsible for keeping the wheels turning here at OBH! Easily one of the handiest people we know, if something goes wrong in the taproom, warehouse, or production facitliy, chances are we're calling Mark. His favorite part of the job is working with all the great people at OBH and the flexibility he has to complete the many diverse maintenance and repair requirements of a craft brewery (for which, we are all thankful). His favorite OBH beer is Made in the Shade or any hoppy, citrusy IPA. When he's not at work, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife Deborah, weekly golfing, and spending time with his two grandkids.

Christa Bauserman

Christa Bauserman, Beertender

Christa loves craft beer almost as much as her Border Collie Jet, glamping, and rewatching Bloodline (she's watched it about 10 times and has even been to some of the filming locations!) Christa is a real craft beer lover who loves meeting new customers and working side by side with the OBH crew. Her favorite OBH beers are our sours and Sky Meadows Blonde Lager! 

Stephanie Fitzpatrick

Stephanie Fitzpatrick , Beertender

A long time Virginia native (Northern VA to Richmond and then back again) Stephanie is a mom of two girls, two corgis, and a member of our taproom team! You'll find her behind the bar most trivia nights, catching up with our regulars, or helping new customers find their favorite beer. When she's not at the taproom, you’ll probably find Stephanie working up a sweat as a fitness instructor (sign up for one of her spin classes at Lifetime)! Her favorite OBH beer is a good DIPA or a classic like our Vixen Irish Red.

Anthony McCombs
Team Lead, Bartender

Anthony McCombs, Team Lead, Bartender

Anthony, a dedicated member of the OBH team, brings his enthusiasm for the craft beer industry to the forefront. Alongside his role as a team lead, Anthony is known for hosting trivia and bingo nights at the taproom. His multifaceted talents extend beyond the realm of beer, as he is also an accomplished singer and an active member of his local community, serving as a swim coach in his free time. When seeking a beer recommendation, look no further than Anthony's top pick on tap—the Irish Extra Stout.

Ricardo Padilla

Ricardo Padilla , Beertender

Juggling his role as Head of School alongside part-time engagements in television, film, and theater, Ricardo took on the additional title of Beertender. For Ricardo, the appeal of craft beer lies in the diverse array of individuals he encounters while serving behind the bar, engaging in conversations spanning music, pop culture, and, naturally, craft beer. Topping Ricardo's Bucket List is the dream of retiring to a European village, where he envisions enjoying leisurely sips of easy-drinking lagers, his preferred beer style

Kelly Stone

Kelly Stone, Beertender

Although she used to work at wineries, Kelly has her feet firmly planted in the beer industry now (and we're lucky to have her)! Kelly enjoys talking to customers and helping them have a great experience at the taproom. If you ask, she would probably recommend one of our seasonal ales (her current favorite is our Summer Ale) but she's also branching out into IPAs.  When she's not at work, Kelly enjoys hiking and has a goal to make it to all of the National Parks—currently at 25!

Jacqueline Graveline
Nate Simpson
Kaleb Leigh
Graham Coughlan
Chris Gillis
Massimo Manfra
Melody Harlan
Noah Leigh
Caden McBeth