Czech Style Pilsner

Tasting Notes

Crisp as the colors at the start of the first polo chukker, our deep golden Czech style pilsner is as easy drinking as it is flavorful.  Brewed in the tradition of classic Bohemian Pilsners, Chukker has an appealing spicy and floral character from the use of noble Czech Saaz Hops, perfectly balanced with light tones of toasted bread from pilsen and caramel malts.  Enjoy a Chukker with its noble pedigree, like the game once played by Sultans and Kings!

About the Name

You’ll find a seemingly serene scene with picnic cloths spread out on the hillside by the outdoor arena, children running about, and revelers set up with savory spreads in the rail-side boxes. But don’t be deceived. As the buzzer sounds at the start of each Polo chukker, riders take to the arena and the atmosphere erupts with the pounding of hooves and hearts, the horses thundering by so close you could reach out and touch them. So, whatever sport gets your heart pounding, grab a Chukker and you’ll be among the elite.

And if you know why the match on our Chukker label is one of a kind, you know the game of Polo as well as any warrior king.




OG  12.1 °P 
FG  3.6 °P 
ABV  4.4%
IBU  20
SRM  4.0

12 oz
On Tap