Old Bust Head Brewing Company is an independent, solar-powered microbrewery in Fauquier County, Virginia, part of a unique farm called ‘Vint Hill’ that for 50 years operated as a top secret military listening post. We believe life should be both rich and sustainable.  We love the creativity of craft beer, the good feeling of authentic places and stories, the inspiration of original and diverse experiences, and the fulfillment of meaningful connections to friends and community.  It feels even better to create these opportunities in our community while seeking out ways of operating sustainably—knowing we are helping to ensure there's more than a little richness for the future!



We love brewing a wide variety of beer styles of superior quality. Our experience brewing traditional ales & lagers has given us the foundation to brew award winning styles both classic and creative. Our Vixen Irish Red—winner of a GABF Bronze medal—Bust Head English Pale Ale, and Gold Cup Russian Imperial Stout, are happy to share the pedestal with our IPAs, Sours, and decadent Caramel Macchiato Stout. Brewing, barrel aging, or souring, our goal is that no matter what we make it will be fresh and inspiring.  Come check out our lineup of 48 taps and find a style to love.



Old Bust Head Brewing Company is named for a rural crossroads in the rolling hills of Fauquier County, Virginia.  It started with a wheelwright shop and blacksmith shop, serving the small farming community, and within a few generations the corner became a popular local gathering place where more than a little home brew of one kind or another was passed around.  Its place in history was ensured when one day an unfortunate soul, after enjoying himself a little too much, busted his head falling off his horse. His friends, as good friends do, made sure he wouldn't live it down, dubbing the corner ‘Bust Head’ from that day forward.  They would be pleased to know the name stuck and all these years later the old road was officially named ‘Old Bust Head Road’ and even inspired the name of a full-on brewery.

The local crossroads was a place that brought folks together in good spirits and built community. So, while we're serious about the art of crafting exceptional beer, and about our passion for the environment, we're reminded by the folks who gathered at Bust Head that day, to keep things playfully in perspective and make to life a bit more enjoyable for all of us.



Whether the Viking’s Valhalla, or the Bavarian’s Bock, goats have a centuries old connection to beer.  But for us, the Old Bust Head Goat represents our rural roots and our affinity to the most social, happy, and fun-loving animal the farm. Most of all, any good goat will proudly jump on top of the highest thing around only to look ridiculous.  No matter how proud we are of what we brew, the energy we save, or the community we bring together—we remember the goat and keep it all in perspective. 



Beer is just our secret way of brainwashing people to care about the planet…okay, maybe not, but an environmental mission influences all we do at Old Bust Head. We try to set a friendly example—with our solar array that provides 30% of the energy needed for our production facility, our eighteen, 500’ deep geothermal wells that allow us to heat & cool our taproom and offices up to 70% more efficiently than traditional systems, and our CO2 recapture unit that keeps thousands of pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere each year.  For a relatively small company, we’re in the big leagues of sustainability.  Our solar array ranks us # 1 in the Mid Atlantic and #4 solar distributing microbrewery in the United States, and we are the first brewery in Virginia to implement carbon recapture.  Go to our Sustainability page to read more about all the things we do to reduce our impact, and to have an impact, while brewing great beer!



Old Bust Head is an independent craft brewery, with day to day operations being run by its owner and long time community member, Julie Broaddus, brewmaster Mike Sutherland, and a talented team of familiar faces that make up the Old Bust Head family.