Out of the Fire '23


Tasting Notes

Named after a Gold Cup winning racehorse, Out of the Fire is a juicy and hazy DIPA. The special veterans blend from Yakima Chief Hops is unmistakable, infusing the brew with abundant tropical aromas. Citra hops bring in a zingy citrus twist, while Sultana turns up the dial on those tropical and pineapple flavors. Oh, and heads up, it’s got an 8% ABV, so it's not just easy-drinking, it's got a little extra oomph!

Out of the Fire was brewed with Yakima Chief Hops 5th Annual Veterans Blend. Each year, Yakima Chief Hops works with military Veterans across the US to select a new hop blend. For more information on this year's blend, click the link down below! 



ABV - 8.0
IBU - 25
SRM - 7.4
OG - 19.5
FG - 5

On Tap
Sixth Barrel
Half Barrel