Raspberry Saison

Fruited Saison

Tasting Notes

A complex aroma of oranges, ripened fruit, and Belgian yeast tones prepare the palate for a burst of tartness from the sour mash, all mingling on the  tongue with earthy tones from the French Saison yeast and some pepper from rye used in the grain bill. A hearty dose of wheat imparts a smooth mouthfeel to the beer, which finishes dry and refreshing. The addition of raspberry puree lends not only a pinkish hue and the flavor of raspberries, it accentuates the tart characteristic of standard Sumerduck. The result is a semi-tart fruit beer that’s not overly sweet, but is extremely refreshing.


Fauquier County Well Water, Vienna Malt, Munich Malt, Cara-Pils Malt, Rye Malt, Red Wheat Malt, Northern Brewer Hops, Fuggle Hops, Tettnanger Hops, Select Hops, Saison Ale Yeast.
Special techniques:  Sour mash  Special Ingredients:  Raspberry Puree´

ABV - 5.8%
IBU - 34
SRM - 7
OG - 13.1
FG - 2.2
On Tap
Sixth Barrel
Half Barrel